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Select from over 10+ AI Social Media Assistants to help you with your social media tasks. Get more done with one-click access to a team of AI assistants. AI Twitter Threads, AI Medium Article Writing, AI Content Marketing, AI Community Building, AI TikTok Creators, and much more directly inside your browser.

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“An AI assistant at your fingertips. Get this extension to do everything for you from brainstorming, to writing drafts, and even reviewing your code.”

Zain Kahn
Zain Kahn
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AI Social Media Team

Social Media Chrome Extension

Select an AI Social Media Team to assist you with your daily marketing and community building. Become more productive and let them help you with Content Writing, SEO, Social Media Engagement, and much more.

AI Team of specialist.
Some team members have special powers, like summarizing the content of your current page.
One click away.
As a browser extension, your AI robots are everywhere you go. No login, just click the icon or use the keyboard shortcut: Command+Shift+P (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+P.
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AI Social Media Assistants

AI Social Media Assistants to help you with all your social media marketing tasks. AI Twitter Thread Writing, AI Medium Writing, AI Content Marketing, AI Influencer Marketing, SEO AI tools, and much more directly inside your browser. App for AI social media content

Get more done with your AI Social Media team. Install this Chrome Extension and get access to 10+ AI Social Media Assistants.
  • Instant access to awesome prompts

  • Increase productivity with AI

  • lexica Art

    Get AI generated images

  • Get help with writing code

  • Let AI summarize your page

  • Use your own OpenAI API key

  • Assemble your team

  • Install Chrome Extension
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Introducing represents the next generation of AI assistants, built upon scientific research. It is designed to be accessible through a chat interface and a Chrome extension. Teamsmart boasts impressive capabilities in conversational and text processing tasks, while ensuring a consistent level of reliability and predictability.

With Teamsmart, users can benefit from a variety of use cases, such as summarization, search, creative and collaborative writing, Q&A, coding, and more. Early customers have commended Teamsmart for surpassing other market alternatives, like, thanks to its diverse range of specialized assistants tailored for specific tasks.

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Save money.
We have everything in one extension for you to use. No need to pay for all these monthly subscriptions for every single task
Instant access.
Open instantly with our user friendly chrome extension, harnessing the power of our platform has never been easier or more convenient.
Awesome prompts.
With a keyboard shortcut, you can access a library of high-quality prompts.
Super-powered AI team members.
Ask about the current page, search AI-generated images, generate Tailwind components, etc.
Additional features.
A Easy to use interface with color code previews, domain availability checker, customize code previews, etc.
Local data storage.
Your data is stored securely on your local device. You can clear your messages at any time.

Boost your productivity.
Install the extension today.

TeamSmart AI is free to install. Upgrade to Premium for more features with a one-time purchase.

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