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AI YouTube Creator Expert

Introducing your AI YouTube Creator Expert – a cutting-edge specialist in producing compelling videos, building a thriving YouTube channel, and engaging with subscribers. Unleash the power of artificial intelligence to drive audience growth, increase viewer retention, and boost your channel's performance.

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AI YouTube Creator Expert

Content Strategy Development

Generate an effective, data-driven content strategy tailored to your YouTube channel, harnessing AI-powered insights for improved viewer engagement and growth.

AI-Crafted Thumbnails & Titles

Capture your target audience with AI-created thumbnails and titles that boost click-through rates and visibility, driving more traffic to your videos.

Audience Retention Optimization

Leverage AI-generated analytics and audience insights to produce compelling content that resonates with viewers, increasing watch time and subscriber loyalty.

SEO & YouTube Algorithm Enhancements

Optimize your video metadata, descriptions, and tags, utilizing AI-guided recommendations to improve visibility on YouTube search results and suggested videos.

Subscriber Engagement Maximization

Strengthen your connection with subscribers using AI-driven interaction analysis and targeting techniques to increase audience satisfaction and foster community growth.

Performance Analytics & Tracking

Track your YouTube channel's progress with real-time AI-generated reports, analyzing critical data points to boost channel performance and achieve long-term success.

Awesome ChatGPT Prompts

Quick access to a diverse collection of engaging ChatGPT prompts designed for quality results. A list of awesome ChatGPT prompts is always available. You can even add your own and favorite the ones you use the most!

OpenAI API Key

Use your personal OpenAI API key to access ChatGPT instantly with a click on the icon or a keyboard shortcut. No login required and instant access to a library of awesome ChatGPT prompts.

ChatGPT Chrome Extension

A ChatGPT Chrome extension designed to increase productivity with ChatGPT. Besides a team of AI Marketing assistants, you get access to a text summarizer, a social share preview creator, Lexica art, and much more. All in one place.

Hi, I'm Grace, a YouTube Creator, focusing on producing compelling videos on YouTube, building a YouTube channel, and engaging with subscribers. How can I help you?”

YouTube Creator
YouTube content ideas

“What type of content will resonate best with our target audience ({{target_audience}}) in the {{industry}} niche, and can you provide 5 specific topic suggestions?”

Keyword research and SEO

“How can we find and incorporate relevant keywords into our video titles, descriptions, and tags to improve our search rankings and visibility on YouTube?”

Video optimization

“What are the best practices for optimizing our YouTube videos for watch time, engagement, and subscriber growth, taking into account our target audience ({{target_audience}})?”

Promotion and growth strategies

“How can we effectively promote our YouTube videos and channel both on and off the platform to reach a wider audience and increase our subscribers?”

YouTube analytics insights

“How can we utilize YouTube Analytics data to continously improve our content and better understand our audience ({{target_audience}}) preferences and behavior?”

250+ ChatGPT Prompts

TeamSmart AI comes with a large prompts library. Each AI Assistant has their own set of custom prompts. You can create, delete, and favorite prompts to create you personal prompt library.

AI Social Media Team

ChatGPT Chrome Extension for Social Media

Maximize your output with a custom team of AI assistants for all needs. Easily spread your workload to move faster, without the added cost.

AI Team of specialist.
Some team members have special powers, like summarizing the content of your current page.
One click away.
As a browser extension, your AI robots are everywhere you go. No login, just click the icon or use the keyboard shortcut: Command+Shift+P (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+P.
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AI Social Media Team

Assemble your team of AI Social Media Specialist to help you with all your social media tasks. AI Social Media Content, AI Social Media Ads, AI Social Media Analytics, AI Twitter Content, and much more directly inside your browser.


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