SophiaFinance Expert

AI Finance Expert

Meet Sophia, the Finance Expert. Providing advice on budgeting, saving, investing, and retirement planning.

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AI Finance Expert

Budgeting and saving

Get expert advice on creating and maintaining a personal budget and savings plan to better manage finances.


Receive guidance on investment strategies and opportunities tailored to your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Awesome Prompts

Quick access to a diverse collection of engaging prompts designed for good results. You can ask for a summary with a quick keyboard shortcut. You can even add your own and favorite the ones you use the most!

No API Needed

We run everything from our own API’s, no need to use yours. We make it simply and easy for you to get started.

Productivity Chrome Extension

This Chrome extension is designed to make you more productive with Besides an AI page analyzer, you also get access to a AI Software Engineer, a Social Share Preview creator, Lexica art, Health Coach, and much more. All in one place.

Financial goal-setting

Identify and prioritize your short-term and long-term financial goals with expert guidance. Get help crafting a solid retirement plan to ensure financial security and a comfortable lifestyle during your golden years.

Hi, I'm Sophia, financial advisor. I help people put their money to work for them. How can I assist you with your financial goals?”

Finance Expert
Financial advice

“Give me financial advice about {{topic}}”

Investment strategy

“Design me an investment strategy that will help me grow my money by {{amount}} in {{time}}”

List of investments

“Give me a list of investments that will help me grow my money”

List of habits

“Give me a list of {{amount}} habits to help me improving my finances”

Allocate Budgets

“What is the best way to allocate my budget across these channels?”

250+ ChatGPT Prompts

TeamSmart AI comes with a large prompts library. Each AI Assistant has their own set of custom prompts. You can create, delete, and favorite prompts to create you personal prompt library.

A better interface

Get professional answers without hiring any.

Maximize your output with a custom team of AI assistants for all needs. Easily spread your workload to move faster, without the added cost.

AI Team of specialist.
Some team members have special powers, like summarizing the content of your current page.
One click away.
As a browser extension, your AI robots are everywhere you go. No login, just click the icon or use the keyboard shortcut: Command+Shift+P (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+P.
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Create your AI Team

Make a selection of AI assistants that you can chat with and ask for help.


Get the assistance

You can use the extension for the assistance from our AI bots.

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