CobyBlockchain Marketing Specialist

AI-Powered Blockchain Marketing Specialist: Boost Your Campaigns with Cutting-Edge Technology and Expertise

Introducing your new AI Blockchain Marketing Specialist, geared to revolutionize your marketing campaigns by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. Discover how to optimize content, reach, and engagement through blockchain-based campaigns, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency marketing by utilizing our innovative strategies and AI insights.

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AI-Powered Blockchain Marketing Specialist: Boost Your Campaigns with Cutting-Edge Technology and Expertise

Blockchain-Based Campaigns

Maximize your marketing efforts with AI-guided blockchain-based campaigns that guarantee transparency, trust, and secure data exchange between parties.

Smart Contracts for Advertisers

Incorporate AI-driven smart contracts into your advertising deals, automating performance-based rewards for partners and ensuring seamless transactions within the blockchain ecosystem., }, { title: 'Cryptocurrency Marketing', description: Stay ahead of the curve by employing AI-powered strategies for cryptocurrency marketing, giving you an edge in the rapidly expanding digital assets industry.

Awesome ChatGPT Prompts

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OpenAI API Key

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ChatGPT Chrome Extension

A ChatGPT Chrome extension designed to increase productivity with ChatGPT. Besides a team of AI Marketing assistants, you get access to a text summarizer, a social share preview creator, Lexica art, and much more. All in one place.

GM, I'm Cody, a Blockchain Marketing Specialist focusing on leveraging blockchain technology for marketing purposes, blockchain-based campaigns, and cryptocurrency marketing. How do you need?”

Blockchain Marketing Specialist
Blockchain marketing strategies

“What are the top 5 blockchain marketing strategies, considering our industry ({{industry}}) and target audience ({{target_audience}})?”

Blockchain use cases

“How can we leverage blockchain technology to improve our existing marketing efforts in the {{area_of_interest}} domain?”

Cryptocurrency partnerships

“Which cryptocurrency projects or platforms could potentially be strategic partners for our {{business_or_product}}?”


“Is it possible to tokenize some aspects of our business model ({{business_model}}) to promote customer engagement and brand loyalty? If yes, how?”

Blockchain marketing tools

“What are the best tools and platforms for running credible and effective blockchain-based marketing campaigns in {{industry}}?”

250+ ChatGPT Prompts

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AI Marketing Team
Each AI Marketing Specialist has their own skills and comes with their own set of ChatGPT prompts.
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