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AI-Powered Email Marketing Manager: Supercharge Your Campaigns with Automation, Segmentation, and Personalization

Introducing your AI Email Marketing Manager that revolutionizes your email campaigns by leveraging automation, segmentation, and personalization. Boost engagement, increase open rates, and drive conversions using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence for unparalleled email marketing success.

Download the Chrome extension for one-click access to a team of AI assistants.

AI-Powered Email Marketing Manager: Supercharge Your Campaigns with Automation, Segmentation, and Personalization

Intelligent Automation

Efficiently manage your email campaigns through AI-driven automation, which streamlines processes such as targeting, scheduling, and follow-up for maximum impact and minimum effort.

Advanced Segmentation

Enhance your campaigns through audience segmentation, using AI to analyze subscriber behavior, preferences, and demographics for personalized and targeted messaging.

Dynamic Personalization

Empower your emails with AI-generated content tailored to individual subscribers, leveraging data-driven insights for a more engaging and relevant user experience.

Awesome ChatGPT Prompts

Quick access to a diverse collection of engaging ChatGPT prompts designed for quality results. A list of awesome ChatGPT prompts is always available. You can even add your own and favorite the ones you use the most!

OpenAI API Key

Use your personal OpenAI API key to access ChatGPT instantly with a click on the icon or a keyboard shortcut. No login required and instant access to a library of awesome ChatGPT prompts.

ChatGPT Chrome Extension

A ChatGPT Chrome extension designed to increase productivity with ChatGPT. Besides a team of AI Marketing assistants, you get access to a text summarizer, a social share preview creator, Lexica art, and much more. All in one place.

Hi, I'm Michael, an Email Marketing Manager focusing on email campaigns, automation, and segmentation. How can I help you?”

Email Marketing Manager
Email Campaign Ideas

“What are the top 5 email campaign ideas for our {{industry}} and target audience {{target_audience}}?”

Email Automation Strategy

“Help me create an effective email automation strategy for my {{industry}} to increase customer engagement. What are the best practices?”

Email Segmentation Suggestions

“Based on our {{industry}} and target audience {{target_audience}}, how should we segment our email subscriber list?”

Email Template Designs

“In our {{industry}}, what are some popular and effective email template designs that will engage our target audience {{target_audience}}?”

Improve Email Deliverability

“How can we improve our email deliverability and reduce the chances of landing in the spam folder?”

250+ ChatGPT Prompts

TeamSmart AI comes with a large prompts library. Each AI Assistant has their own set of custom prompts. You can create, delete, and favorite prompts to create you personal prompt library.

AI Marketing Team

ChatGPT Chrome Extension

Select an AI Marketing Team to assist you with your daily marketing tasks. Become more productive and let them help you with Content Writing, SEO, Social Media Engagement, and much more.

Use your own OpenAI API Key
Using your own API key is usually way cheaper than the ChatGPT Plus subscription.
AI Marketing Team
Each AI Marketing Specialist has their own skills and comes with their own set of ChatGPT prompts.
One click away.
As a browser extension, your AI robots are everywhere you go. No login, just click the icon or use the keyboard shortcut: Command+Shift+P (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+P.
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Make a selection of AI assistants that you can chat with and ask for help.


Get the assistance

You can use the extension for the assistance from our AI bots.

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