Privacy Policy for the TeamSmart AI Chrome extension

For free users, all data, including API keys, chat logs, and messages, are saved locally in your browser through Local Storage.

TeamSmart AI is a static application without a backend server to fetch or store data. All data is stored locally in your browser and is not shared with any third party.

When a message is sent on TeamSmart AI, the site submits a request to OpenAI API endpoints using your provided API key. Requests travel directly from your browser to OpenAI's server via HTTPS, a secure protocol. No intermediate server is involved, ensuring that no one can access your requests, responses, or their contents.

TeamSmart AI strictly prohibits running external JavaScript code.

Data handling for paid users mirrors that of free users, with the following additions:

  • We don't store any of your payment data.
  • To activate premium features you will have to buy a monthly subscription plan from

For the website of TeamSmart AI we use the following third-party services: