Search AI-generated Images and Art with Lexica

Lexica Art: A Guide to Searching and Creating Images with AI

Lexica ( is an AI-powered (Stable Diffusion) image search engine and text-to-image tool with immense promise. It's less customizable than Dream Studio but user-friendly and free to use.

The interface is simple, with a search bar and image previews. You can search for specific phrases and discover captivating AI-generated images. In comparison to Google Images, Lexica Art produces more attractive results.

One of the standout features of Lexica Art is that it provides information about each image's source text, seed, and Classifier Free Guidance scale. This is valuable for understanding how to replicate similar images using Dream Studio, making Lexica Art a fantastic reference database for Artificial Intelligence.

Lexica Art lets users generate images from text and choose options like image size, Classifier Free Guidance scale, and seed selection. Although there are fewer options than in Dream Studio, the results are impressive and can be saved for personal use.

Other features of Lexica Art include a personal gallery to save favorite images and the ability to upload images as a basis for creating new ones.

TeamSmart Integration

TeamSmart AI is a ChatGPT tool that integrates nicely with the Lexica Art API and lets you easily search for AI-generated art in a chat view. Quickly access AI search results from within a browser popup screen or from your new tab.

To enable this feature, simply follow these steps: first, install the TeamSmart AI Chrome Extension. Then, choose the "Lexica" AI Assistant during the onboarding process. Next, select Lexica in the chat view and enter your search query. Finally, the AI assistant will provide you with a response, including AI-generated images sourced from the Lexica API.

Conclusion about Lexica

Overall, Lexica Art is a user-friendly and promising AI-powered image search engine and text-to-image tool with features like image source information, seed selection, and personalized galleries. It can be easily accessed from within the TeamSmart AI Chrome Extension for seamless searching.

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