5 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Should Install

Discover the Best AI-Powered Assistants to Streamline Your Online Experience and become more productive

Looking for an AI-powered assistant to help with your online tasks? Check out these four Chrome extensions that utilize chat GPT technology to make your life easier.

First up is TeamSmart AI, a ChatGPT Chrome Extension that gives you a team of AI assistants. Tailor your productivity dashboard and select from diverse AI teams with expertise in specific skill sets. Unlock advanced features by upgrading to the Premium version or utilize your personal OpenAI API key for usage-based billing. Download the extension, build your AI team, and enhance your workflow with ChatGPT today.


Next is WebChatGPT, which compiles easy-to-understand text from the web. While ChatGPT has a limited database, WebChatGPT can gather updated information from the internet. Just keep in mind that the content may be longer. Also, be sure to check for plagiarism.

Next is Compose AI, an extension that helps you write flawless emails. With a wide range of options, including bullet lists and headlines, this chat GPT extension makes composing emails a breeze. The first 1000 words are free, with additional words billed at $9.99 per month.

If you're a frequent user of ChatGPT, you may have experienced delays from switching tabs. ChatGPT for Google solves this issue by bringing the chatbox to your current Google tab and summarizing text for you. Plus, it can still write codes and provide well-formatted texts.

Finally, ChatGPT Writer helps you write emails, messages, and long-form texts with appropriate diction and grammar. Simply log in and provide a prompt, and the extension will do the rest. It even replies to basic conversation prompts.

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TeamSmart AI is free to install. Upgrade to Premium for more features with a one-time purchase.

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